Malibu’s Only Sober Living Facility on the Beach!

There are several different services that sober living facilities provide.  Our sober living faciltiy, Malibu Beachside, is a beautiful place to stay.  At our house we focus our efforts on these three areas:

Malibu Sober LivingSober Living Services

Many people find that after they have completed an inpatient drug detox and treatment program, they need something more. Something in addition to outpatient aftercare.  We offer a great option; sober living.  A temporary safe place to live.  A place for those who need a little more time.  A supportive, safe, drug-free environment.  Somewhere you can continue to heal before returning home.   That’s why we created Malibu sober living at Malibu BeachSide.   Click here to find out more about Sober Living….


An intervention is a planned meeting in which family and friends confront an alcoholic or addict.  It is done in a non-threatening way. It allows your loved one to see the damage they are doing, both to themselves and to those who care about them. Depending upon the circumstances, clergy members, family, respected colleagues, and other members of the community may also be included. The process is totally nonjudgmental.  Intervention focuses on compassion and clarifying the need for treatment.  There is also an emphasis on consequences if treatment is refused.  An intervention can be a difficult process for all concerned.  We can assist and make it easy.  We lend a bit of structure and unbiased mediation to the process.  Our professional ‘interventionists’ may be the perfect solution.   Click here to find out more about Intervention…..

Finding the Right IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Talk to your doctor or therapist about outpatient programs.  They may recommend outpatient services.  If you have already been to an inpatient facility, IOP may be your next step.  IOP is for those who don’t require inpatient treatment.  It is for those who don’t need medically supervised care or the clinical setting provided by residential treatment.  When a patient lives or works close by and can easily commute between home and Malibu sober living at Malibu BeachSide, IOP may be the best course.  We can help you find the right solutions.  And we will help you with transportation. Click here to find out more about Out Patient Services….