DumeViewMalibu BeachSide residents live in our facility for a period of months as they acquire the tools necessary to sustain long term sobriety. Malibu BeachSide sober living provides a home style setting. We encourage recreational activities in a structured, safe environment, while stressing the importance of involvement, a sponsor and fellowship.

Our mission is to provide men and women with a path of recovery from substance abuse. We are owned and operated by former substance abusers who have conquered their addictions and care about your well being. We strive to help our clients reclaim disordered lives by encouraging responsibility, accountability, personal growth, and sober fun.

At Malibu BeachSide we truly care about you! We want you to succeed in overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Malibu BeachSide Sober Living, LLC is certified by CAARR (California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources) and approved by the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition for Health, Safety, Management and Ethics.  

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