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Dining Room Table

We have enjoyed many meals around this table. Our clients often share in the cooking or take turns cooking for one another; …

The Breakfast Bar

Eating by yourself or with just one other? Enjoy the breakfast bar instead of the large dining table.

Our Kitchen

A view of the kitchen and the breakfast bar.  We keep it well stocked.

Afternoon Living Room

The perfect spot to take a nap in the afternoon, warm and cozy with the afternoon sun shining in through the windows.

Morning Living Room

When the sun rises, the living room is shaded and cool.  The perfect spot to watch the sea lions and the dolphins.

Breakfast Deck

The outdoor Breakfast deck.  A great place for coffee on a warm summer day or just a nice spot to read a …

Our Private Beach

Enjoy our private beach.  Just a few steps away, you can wander down the beach with your toes in the sand combing …

Roof Sun Deck

If you love the sun, you can find a number of places to enjoy your favorite book or just catch some rays …