We do intervention!

InterventionAn intervention is a planned meeting. Family and friends confront an alcoholic or addict in a non-threatening way to allow them to see the damage that they are doing to themselves as well as to those who care about them. Depending upon the circumstances, clergy members, religious figures, respected colleagues, and other members of the community may also be included in the process. This effort is nonjudgmental in nature. It is one of compassion with a focus on clarifying the need for treatment. There is also an emphasis on consequences if treatment is refused. The intervention can be a difficult process for all concerned. To ease this discomfort and lend a bit of structure and unbiased mediation to the process, a professional interventionist may be the perfect solution.

At Malibu BeachSide Sober Living, we can provide you with a professional interventionist. He will help you and your family through the alcohol and/or drug intervention.  He will also help your loved one move directly from the intervention into treatment.  We can suggest one of many incredible rehab facilities in Malibu, and then on to our Sober Living home after treatment.

Why a Professional Interventionist is Necessary

Addiction is an emotionally charged issue. The simple act of discussing it with other members of the family can be a trying experience. Even imagining the idea of gathering a group of family members and friends together to confront the addicted person can be overwhelming. It is for this reason that a professional interventionist may be necessary. Without someone else to take the wheel, an intervention may not ever get off the ground, much less be the success that you are hoping for. A professional interventionist can not only run the intervention but also escort your loved one to drug treatment at Malibu BeachSide Sober Living.  There are some especially difficult situations where the addict in your life may also suffer from a serious mental illness.  Sometimes we encounter suicidal or violent behavior. In these situations a professional interventionist is more than recommended: it is a necessity.

Finding a Professional Interventionist

Finding a professional interventionist is simple.  Call us. We can help you.  We help with everything from deciding the finer points of your intervention to providing you with a professional interventionist.  A professional will run the final meeting from beginning to end. They will even be available to escort your loved one to treatment when the intervention is complete.

Who to Include on Your Intervention Team

Your professional interventionist will be able to help you decide who should be included on the intervention team.  He may have suggestions about who shouldn’t be on the team. The decision of who to include in the intervention could make or break the success of the venture.  Deciding who to ask is crucial.  Ideally, the number of people included in the intervention should be between three and eight.  First those who are well-respected, loved and admired by the addict. A partner or spouse of the addict, siblings and immediate family members, extended family members, close friends and colleagues, clergy members and teachers.  We advise against inviting others who have substance abuse problems of their own.  We also advise against someone your loved one dislikes or disrespects, or anyone who may sabotage the endeavor. Even if they are well-loved and respected by the addict.

Prepare for a Successful Intervention with a Professional Interventionist at Malibu BeachSide Sober Living

Even the most thoroughly planned intervention is not a guaranteed success. Prepare yourself for the possibility that the option of treatment will not be chosen by your loved one.  Also  be prepared for the most successful intervention possible. You can work to create circumstances conducive to success by following these guidelines:

  • Plan for your intervention in detail and in advance.
  • Appoint a professional interventionist like one available at Malibu BeachSide Sober Living to lead the intervention and its organization.
  • Supply all who are invited to participate in the intervention with the same information on addiction and substance abuse so that all involved will be well-educated.
  • Hold meetings, conference calls and the like before the actual event to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. A rehearsal is advised to determine the order of speakers and to streamline the process.
  • Understand that your loved one will most likely object to treatment and prepare to stand firm.

Malibu BeachSide Sober Living can provide you with a professional interventionist as well as the help you need to stage an intervention.  We can help the one you love realize that his or her abuse of alcohol or drugs has reached a crisis. For more information, Call Us!