Weather Report from Malibu

It’s a beautiful day on Malibu Beach.  Of course it almost always is.  It’s 1:00 on December 8, and the sun has warmed us up to 80° here.  It’s only two degrees warmer in Kona today!

The tide is all the way out and it’s time to go for a walk down to the tide pools.  The beach is beautiful, the seals and the pelicans are out having lunch and I’m going to go down and look at the anemones and the sea stars…

BeachFront 02BeachFront 06 - Anemonies

BeachFront 04

BeachFront 05 - Tidepools


orange-sea-starBeachFront 03 - Anemone
BeachFront 08


BeachFront 09