Point Dume

DumeViewJust south of our little hamlet is Point Dume.  From the cliffs above you can look out over the expanse of beach going both directions from Paradise Cove to the east and Zuma beach and beyond to our house on Dog Beach to the west.  In the spring and early summer, Point Dume is covered with flowers, and all summer long you’ll find rock climbers scaling the cliff and surfers up and down the beach below the bluffs.  

If you walk down West Beach road to the point, you’ll recognize the cliffs and the sand that make a dramatic backdrop for dozens of commercials that have been filmed beneath the craggy rocks and the great sunsets that make Point Dume a haven for film crews. 

The climate is perfect, the weather is beautiful, often cool and foggy in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoons; we think it’s paradise.  The temperature never goes above 85 and never goes below 45 all year round.  What better place to recuperate than in our beautiful Malibu beach side retreat?