The Malibu Coastline

PatioViewMalibu is a unique stretch of sandy beaches and bluffs along the Southern California coastline.  There are rumors the name comes from a California native american word for big surf or noisy surf, but wherever the name originates, it is known the world over for the beautiful beaches and the it’s perfect climate.  

It stretches from Pacific Palisades north of Santa Monica along California Highway 1, affectionately known as PCH for Pacific Coast Highway, all the way west into Ventura County. Most of the California coast runs north and south, but from Point Mugu on the west to the Santa Monica bay on the east, Malibu runs south and east toward Los Angeles.  

Malibu is 27 miles of the most exclusive and beautiful coastline in the world. It has palatial mansions, beautiful sandy beaches, some very secluded coves and inlets and is home to a variety of marine mammals and of course the local surfers.  Just a few miles north of the civic center of Malibu, along one of those quiet beaches you’ll find our lovely house.  It’s the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the cool ocean breezes, the sound of the waves at night and the peaceful flow of the negative ions and the sounds of the sea birds while you recuperate.  It’s why we’ve chosen this spot for our sober living environment…